Travel And Expense Management

Manual expense reporting, involving paper receipts, tedious expense report assembly, and lengthy approval periods, has always been a burden on traveling professionals. As a response to the need for faster, more efficient, and more hands-off expense reporting, travel and expense management (TEM) technology was designed to give the traveling workforce more flexibility without sacrificing organizations control over company spend. TEM technology enables employees to book travel plans that are compliant and cost-efficient, manage expenses without having to keep track of paper receipts or fill out spreadsheets, and gain approvals more quickly. It gives travel managers full visibility into all traveling expenses, and helps them catch deviant, over-budget, and other non-compliant spend immediately.

Travel And Expense Management

From the time a travel request is created, to the time it’s approved, a software tool will control the entire process. It will ensure that there is no room for errors and then speed up the process. As a result of using an automated business travel request form, you can expect the following advantages:

1. Pre-defined approval patterns and notifications

2. Reduce the costs related to late travel request approvals

3. Easier tracking of employees travel patterns

4. Regulate and rectify your approval workflow

5. Meet your legal requirements.

Expense Claim

Company runs a business with plenty of employee claim expenses, managing these expenses manual is difficult – collecting the track of each employee where, when and how?

An expense claim is a collection of receipts from employee personal spending that need to be reimbursed by the company. Each user in the organization, with a role other than read only, can add receipts to record their expenses. Then they can submit an expense claim to be reviewed and approved by a user with the required user role. Now we have our act now for business expense management

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