AIL – Automation Innovation Lab


Introduction to AIL

What if my processes are different than Entoss Pomfret? Or How can I leverage Entoss Pomfret for our own custom business processes?

Automation Innovation Lab (AIL) is a joint workshop between our team of business process practitioners and your process stake-holders to address the above two questions.

The main objective of the workshop is to define the KPIs to measure success, map the current business process as is to an optimized business process with automation and intelligent decisions, and run it on Entoss Pomfret.

Why Us?

Key Benefits


Aligning business processes to suite your specific needs and KPIs.

Upgrade Yourself

Become efficient and smart organization.


Your own custom automated business processes.


Can be integrated with your existing application or systems running in either on-cloud or on-premise.

No Extra Cost

No need to invest on your platform to run these customized business processes.

Automate Your Business Processes Today .

A DEMO to solve all your Business Automation Problems.