“Transitioned to a paperless office.”


Introduction to DMaaS

Organizations are struggling to keep, maintain and search on key internal documents – be it product specifications, industrial drawings and other day-to-day transactions documents such as expense vouchers, purchase orders, invoices etc.

Entoss Fileflow is a CMIS compliant document management solution that enables organizations to successfully transition to a paperless office.

All documents are indexed for quick search and can be uploaded from mobile. Organizations can define custom schema using CMIS standard.

Key documents can be configured to trigger pre-defined workflows or business processes.

Why Us?

Key Benefits

Easy Manage

One place to manage your digitized documents.

Data Driven

Better document insights and analysis.

Custom Search

Search all types of documents including images using OCR technologies.


Employees from remote locations can upload onsite or critical documents directly to the server for real-time access.


Highly secured with very granular access control system.


Integrate with your suppliers and customers systems.

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