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If you are seeking for best opportunities to invest, then what about investing in “Business Process as a Service” (BPaaS) opportunity? which is forecasted to reach USD 61 billion by 2022.

Many people misunderstood BPaaS is an another form of BPO, but Entoss believes that it’s not. The processes are already automated by BPaaS provider like us, and organizations executes and monitors by themselves.

The key benefits are,

  • Customers do not have to work about building their own expensive, rigid and complex platform.
  • There is no third party BPO provider as the data resides in customers’ work-space in a cloud and can only be accessed by them.
  • Customers pay only for the consumed business processes
  • Customers can Pick and choose the business processes that are more important to them

In a nutshell, what Entoss believes is that how IaaS for intratissue, BPaaS is for enterprise application.

Please join us by investing in Entoss technologies to build “THE platform for all enterprises regardless of their size for end-to-end value chain optimization”.

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